What is Honeycomb Art?
Honeycomb Art is two artists who live and work in Honeycomb Valley (North Marshall
County, Alabama) and who find joy and fulfillment in sharing their talents through
presentations, teaching and sales. We invite you to visit with us on our web-site and also as
our guest in the real world!
The Artists:
Jim Goshorn:
Sculptor Jim Goshorn’s work is in galleries across the southeast, on public
display and in private collections. Recently, his sculpture was chosen by the
Knoxville Museum of Art for their 2006 silent auction. To see some of Jim's
click here.
Jennie McBride Goshorn:
Jennie works primarily in watercolor and pastel. She has won many awards
for her artwork and her work is in private collection throughout the United
States.  To see some samples of her work
click here.
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Welded steel sculpture
Jim Goshorn
"Honeycomb Road"
Pastel on Paper
Jennie McBride
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The Address of Honeycomb Studios is
428 Creek Circle
Guntersville, AL 35976